During the free time, I enjoy reading leisurely, especially on current affairs. I am an amateur pianist.

I have been involved with VietAbroader since I was freshmen in college.  I was a Co-President of VietAbroader in 2014-2015 with Anh-Thu Pham, and have been serving on the Board of Directors since 2016. VietAbroader was founded on 2004 with the first mission of helping Vietnamese students to apply and study in US colleges. The mission then was changed to “empower Vietnamese youth,” so we have been developing many new programs to enhance skills and awareness for students in Vietnam.

The unique characteristic of VietAbroader is that it is completely run by students, mostly who are studying in the US. VietAbroader is proud to have a broad network of Vietnamese students in a large number of colleges in the US, which helps us to be well-known not only among Vietnamese students but also among US colleges’ admission officers.

More information about VietAbroader can be founded on the website and on its Facebook.